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We are not Bandcamp literate yet. So if you want to purchase this on cassette you can just contact us on our facebook page! Thank you!


released September 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Virginia On Duty Malaysia

Virginia On Duty is a Malaysian emo violence band. The group was formed in late 2005. The three-piece band is highly influenced by the hardcore punk movement. The band delivers their ideas in the thick layer of influences from the likes of Union of Uranus, with a pinch of Orchid & Daitro. ... more

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Track Name: Curse
lightning beneath the ground,
sparkle the river, striking by sound,
earth terrorized by moon, Sap our spirit,
beneath the ground, earth terrorized ,
sparkle the river, striking by sound
forever alone and dangerous,
they are the legend, they are an obsession, they intoxicate , they are the curse ,
throw them away ,
throw them away forever.
Curse was left , half remembered
Curse was left, gone forever.
Curse was left, half remembered
Curse was left, gone forever.
That’s the idea of our existence
Track Name: Black Mountains
We climb the black mountains || Together!
Reach the sky, above the earth
There is no one there , Is anybody out there
climb the black mountains,Gone forever
Play with the fire ,Play with the fire
Burn the horizon
Devastation!, Devastation!, Devastation!
Track Name: Regret
I feel so much regret,Those choices have changed my life, I want u to guide me back, My sinner burden me forever ,Guide me to your light of peace , Take me with you forever, Take me with you forever, Take me with you forever

How long must I live this way?, how long till there is relief? Free me from my prison, Free me from my prison Free me from my prison , free me from fear, pain and regret.
Track Name: Cephalus
narrow minded, these humans are
incited it from all false,do you think that they are all false?,pointing to the sky with splendor, i think these are all nonsense
open the minds of all people, say these words aloud, say these words aloud, we need the freedom to be free to think, free to think broadly, think broadly

don't let yourself be so judgmental, don't let yourself be so judgmental
careless of educated people
careless of sharing ideas with all, nothing will disover, something that is not true at all. stay in silence, see nothing, hear something that is not true at all.
Track Name: Deception
The fear that you feel,that youll be exposed
Makes your heart beat faster,enough to explode,the lie that you live,underneath your mask, Is an unwanted chore,a laboring task ,It gets hot in the mask , and under your skin,the only way to vent, Is to reveal your sin, so I stand here naked,please come to my reception,Immediately following,their ,Deception, Deception, Deception , Deception!!!